I’m Stephen Mordue dad, husband, son, lecturer, and musician. Living at the intersection of mind, soul, and body. The world around me is of constant fascination. Whether it’s stimulating my mind with books, connecting with ‘the inside’ through meditation, or pushing my body through running it’s all about creating well being through a positive productive lifestyle. I’m all over self care…. and sometimes… just sometimes… I get it right. And I want to share my experiences with you!

My journey into a productive lifestyle started when my friend Pete introduced me to David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology… the rest is history. I started by getting myself organised in the bit of my life I get paid for and now I’m working on organising the bit of my life I don’t get paid for. I reject the idea of needing work/life balance and work on the idea of a balanced life. Every element of our lives is part of the whole of our lives and it all needs to be in balance – endeavours we undertake without payment, endeavours we get paid for, exercise, nutrition, sleep, sitting, running, reading, watching, learning…. we take it all and balance it and make it our life. Being organised is crucial to this!

I live on the outskirts of the city of Durham, overlooking rolling countryside in a converted barn with my wife. I have two adult sons. We are all trying to make the most of every moment and every experience – and sometimes even succeeding! I love trying different things always seeking out quality, whether it’s coffee, gadgets, food, books, or face scrub…. I’m into it all.

Come with me. I’ll tell you what I think of all manner of stuff and some of it you might even find useful

Stephen is joined by Lisa Watson.

Lisa graduated from Sunderland University in 2008, she has worked as a social worker in various settings over the years,  is a BIA and currently works in Adult Safeguarding.

Lisa is also trained in Mindfulness, Life Coaching and meditation. She is a Master Teacher in Angelic Reiki and Metatronia Therapy, has level one attunement in Star Healing and blue ray of Arcturian Rainbow Healing. Lisa is attuned to do past life healing.  

Lisa has a varied interest in a wide range of spiritual practises and is also trained to level 2 of Soul Realignment and is able to offer Soulology Readings. 

Lisa enjoys enjoys spending time with family and friends, she enjoys reading, writing and expanding aND sharing her knowledge to help others on their spiritual Journey.

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