Working from home: Are you a segmentor or an integrator? It could make a difference.

When it comes to thinking about working from home the psychology literature would suggest there are broadly two types of people. Some of us are Segmentors. We prefer to keep work and non-work separate so may struggle with them being in the same place. Segmentors may find it […]

Working at home…. with the children!

It always sparks my interest when I’m delivering presentations about productivity and someone asks me a question that causes me to fumble for an ineffective answer! This happened just this week when someone asked me if I had any tips for working from home when you also have […]

Working from home? Here’s how to start your day!

It might surprise you to find that I’m not going to tell you much about how to start work… although I will end up there. This is because what you do before you start your work day is so important no matter where you are working but at […]